10 simple tips to improve SEO ranking on google

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improve seo ranking on google

Search engine optimization is one of the long-term cheapest and most effective ways to promote a website. You obviously want to improve website ranking. You have your own website and would like to improve your search engine position in Google and other search engines? Then get ready for a small crash course in search engine optimization and you might soon be climbing your website ranking. This helps you to improve website ranking on search engines and improve Google search results. With the simple following way, you can improve SEO ranking on Google.

First Let us Know about search Engine.

What does a search engine do? It searches (“crawls”) millions of websites and tries to present the best-fitting website to the searcher in the first place, based on a variety of factors, to the searching user. A search engine first tries to find out what content is stored on your website. An ingenious computer-controlled search algorithm attempts to record the contents as “humanely” as possible. Various content and technical clues of a page help the search engine thereby. For example, a factor influencing the ranking is whether and how often the search term (“keyword”) appears on a web page. Does the search term possibly appear in a headline and then multiple times in the text? Or maybe only once at the bottom of the text? More than 300 such factors and variables now influence the search algorithm.

We distinguish here from factors found on a website (“onsite”) as well as external factors such as external websites and services that refer to your site (“off-site”). It is therefore not only important to display as many search engine-friendly contents as possible on your own website, but also to have an eye on the websites that refer you to your own website from outside.

1. Analyze your visitors to improve Google search results:

Which keywords could be entered by your potential visitors? Make a list of the search terms that are relevant to your business. Tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Insights for Search and Google Trends help you find popular keywords. Even the search term recommendation displayed in Google can help you with the keyword research. Tap your website as a data source and find out which keywords are being entered by your current visitors – web analytics tools like Google Analytics helps to improve SEO ranking on Google. Now select a manageable number of keywords (10-15) that you want to optimize. Take notes on which placement of your web page is currently being found to track your improvements.

2. Create added value for your visitors.

Well-founded and informative sites are often recommended without further action. This will allow your visitors to get a better picture of your business and more likely to convert into inquiries or purchases. The more specialist information and texts you provide to your visitors, the better. Try subdividing and categorizing the content across multiple pages this also helps you to improve SEO ranking on Google.

3.  Thinking in the long-tail (multi-part keywords)improve website ranking.

Unless you already have a well-known site, it will be time-consuming to get ahead in very popular terms. It’s better to try one size down and optimize for combinations that consist of two, three or more keywords. Do you offer a regional business? Then combine your keywords with city names or counties. Example: “Reseller Hosting Provider in Kathmandu”. For the “big” website operators, these long tails are less lucrative – so this is your chance. Pick several long-tails that you want to optimize – a top ranking with many long-tails can bring a nice amount of visitors and improve Google search results.

4. Use social networks helps to improve SEO ranking on Google.

Links and recommendations from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are becoming increasingly important. It can, therefore, be used to regularly participate in social media pages such as fan pages or communities on specific topics or even open your own Facebook or Google + fan page to promote good articles and pages. Please do not forget: take regular time to maintain your fan page. “Map corpses” are unmasked not only by your visitors but also by the search engines. Use of Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram helps to improve website ranking.  

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5. Make your URL Permalink SEO friendly

Then take a look at the technical structure of your site. A page document is divided into different classifications. This includes the post name (e.g. webutter.com/how-to-start-a-blog), the page title (is at the top of the browser) and the tags, which headings, subtitles, paragraphs, listings and more. Just check if any of your subpages or homepages contain “your” potential keywords in the headline, text, page title, and so on.Set your permalink structure according to your post so that it helps in SEO which helps to improve website ranking.

6. Plan your top keyword already when choosing your domain.

If there’s a lot of potential visitors to a search term, consider the keyword in the domain planning process. So instead of www.web-utter.com you better use www.webutter.com. It can also make sense to subsequently acquire an additional domain for an existing page. However, different domains should always have different content from each other – the search engines do not like to see duplicate content or Create a small website with your new domain, which will optimize you especially for your search term and help to improve website ranking.

7. Offsite: Win Links!

Links that lead to your website are very important for the evaluation because most of the links are considered by the search engines as a “recommendation”. The more reputable and relevant websites refer to your site, the better. High-quality articles and technical information are often rewarded by mentions on other websites or social networks. Another possibility: Talk to your suppliers, subcontractors, and other partners if they do not get a link to their website from their website.

8. Use services that are highlighted by Google Search (keyword: “Universal Search”):

Enter your business in the Google Places regional business directory, upload Youtube product videos and place your products on Google Shopping.

9. Do not do Evil if you want to improve website ranking:

Do not indulge in ominous link sellers or offers from so-called “link farms” – the search engines expect a “natural” link building through successive, ideally topic-relevant, recommendations from other websites. Do not over-optimize your texts by mentioning your search terms too often in the text. Failure to comply will otherwise punish your site very quickly.

10. Work regularly on your website and on your link popularity.

It makes no sense to swirl for 4 weeks, to write texts and to build links. Keep up-to-date regularly: Not only your visitors will feel it, the search engines will also thank you. Working regularly on your blogs/website is necessary to improve website ranking. Just keep on updating.


However, you don’t have to spend much money on an SEO expert to dramatically improve your search visibility. Simple steps can achieve major SEO boosts. In the end, SEO is all about improving the usability and user experience of your website. So SEO is really about making people happy and that should make us all happy.