Things You Should know About Servers and Hosting

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Gone are the days when having a website for your business was optional. Today all most all the companies need a website and hosting without downtime. Not all hosting services provide the same features to their customers. Some offer a full range of services. Others may specialize in shared or dedicated hosting only. That depends upon the server they own. Web hosting isn’t an easy task. There are several options that most web host companies provide. Each company has their own set of pros and cons which should be heavily considered before you choose one for your website. There’s a various option to pick from, and it’s impossible to know how much capacity you need. However, starting a website can be a confusing task. Here are some points to consider before choosing the web hosting.

Most essential things to consider


None of the hosting company can guarantee a 100% uptime, but it should offer at least 99% uptime on average. In fact, many businesses these days can’t afford even a few minutes of downtime where their customers can’t access their site. It’s better if the server has multiple backup locations/mirrored servers so that if one goes down, they have another already online. It is always best to, again, check the reviews and see what actual customers have experienced. Only mentioning 99% uptime on their website is not sufficient web host company should be able to provide server uptime statistic for the proof.


Backup is most important features you need in case of data loss. It is important for both you and your web host company to be able to backup your website’s files and other data. Make sure your web host provides backup features.Sometimes you might mistakenly delete the whole website directory. That is the most painful situation. In that situation, your hosting provider should be able to restore your website. A good hosting company provides automatic backup every day. Find out what your host’s disaster recovery plan is, as well, to ensure that they are backing up their backups.


Technical Supports is very much important. You might face certain difficulty while working in your hosting. Some problem might not be familiar with you. At this situation, you need the help of your web host provider. Before choosing the hosting provider, check their availability for technical supports. Hosting Provider should have more option for technical support. They should have phone supports, email supports, ticket system supports, Live chat supports and much more. You can check their response time for your supports. Don’t choose a host until you know exactly what support they offer. That means you should look for providers that provide 24/7 support with customer service.

Server Security


Many hackers are seeking the weakness of server. Daily lots of malware, trojans are hitting the server which causes the server down or loss of data. You should know what kind of security your web host company have. Most of the hosting company ensure that they have Dos protection features. In case of limited security measures offered by a web hosting company, your website might be at risk of being attacked and damaged. So you should give importance to Security as well.

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Technical things to Consider

Disk Space: Unlimited Hosting is just in Word


It is usual for web hosting companies to offer unlimited data storage which makes the customer attracted toward their hosting.But be aware unlimited hosting just a way to attract you. Nothing is unlimited. Before Purchasing the Unlimited hosting you should read the fine print (usually, the Terms and Services) you’ll find that it’s unlimited until you go over the “normal site usage.” So think twice before jumping on the unlimited hosting plan.


At initial we are unknown about how much bandwidth is our website is going to consume. Remember, if you don’t have a lot of space, your site might shut down when there is too much traffic. Before purchasing a hosting, see if it has space and capacity you need for your own website. Especially if you have shared hosting then there are a lot of things to consider in bandwidth. Most of the hosting cannot handle a lot of traffics. When you have a high-bandwidth connection, multiple users can experience your website at the same time. So you should research on these factors. The hosting company offers a variety of levels of bandwidth, and you can determine which level is most effective for you based on the content of your site, traffic, and how users are expected to interact with your site.


Almost all of the web host company offer email account for your domains. First be clear about how many email account you need for your domain. After that choose your hosting that meets your requirements. Don’t forget to check out their selections for receiving that email. most of the company provide you webmail interface. Good hosting has facilities of integration with Gmail interface. outlook etc. Not all web hosts give you the option to create more than one email address with your domain name. It is possible to get an email address with your website’s name through a third party application. Similar to having multiple domain names, it is easier to manage and conduct marketing if you can access everything all in one place.

Script Language


PHP is the scripting language that most web host companies use on their servers for developing websites.But why should you confine with the only PHP?  If you plan to pick up Ruby on Rails in the next few months, you probably want to see it on the list of supported frameworks. Don’t lock yourself into having PHP as your only option.


Even the small website has the database. You’ll want to make sure you can use the type of database you’re comfortable with. Most hosts today offer MySQL; that’s probably enough for most people.There are many other database options like PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. But MySQL is mostly offered by all most all hosting company.

Multiple Domains and Websites

Many web hosting companies allow you to host multiple domains under one account since it has become a fairly common practice to do so. Be sure about CPU requirements you will need. If you have more site hosted under one account than low CPU may be the concern of a headache. Ask about entry process. IOS usages, physical memory etc. 

Other things to Consider

Cheap Hosting Has Its Issues.
SSL is essential.
Biggest Web Host Doesn’t Mean Best Service.
Shell Access in Cpanel.
Cron Jobs for maintaining the software environment.
Framework Support and Easy-Install