3 Best image optimization plugin for WordPress

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Before starting to optimize WordPress images it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about image formats. The two most common formats on the Internet are PNG with extension .png and JPG with extension .jpg. JPEG is the best format for photos, images with gradients and images with millions of colors. On the other hand, PNG is better for limited color images, such as logos and images with transparency. Now that you know more about optimizing WordPress images, let’s see how you can improve your photos. You can find numerous WordPress plugins which help you to optimize WordPress images. For the speed of your blog/website image optimization is necessary. You can try one of them given below.

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Plugins to optimize WordPress images

There are various plugins found for image optimization. You can research on them as well. But below given plugins are the most useful and effective plugins for image optimization.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Let’s start this list with the well-known WP Smush, the fastest, easiest-to-use, and best-performing WordPress image compression plugin. WP smush has more thanĀ 1+ million active installations.


WP Smush allows you to compress JPEG, GIF and PNG images up to 32MB individually or in blocks, up to 50 files in its free version. This plugin works by removing metadata from JPEG files, optimizing JPEG compression, converting certain GIFs into indexed PNGs and eliminating unused colors from indexed images. You can also set up automatic optimization so that all new images are compressed automatically when they are uploaded to your site.

WP Smush uses lossless optimization techniques by default, but its pro version has extra features which include a Super Smush option that optimizes each image several times using lossy compression techniques. This method can reduce file sizes by almost half with the minimal loss of quality.

EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin optimizes your images automatically and without loss as you upload them to your site. You can also optimize WordPress images that you have previously uploaded.


One of the advantages of EWWW Image Optimizer is that the optimization process is carried out on its own servers by default, instead of connecting to an external service. This means that optimization tasks will require less time, which can be useful when dealing with large media libraries since medium size files (<1 MB) should take a few seconds at the most.

This local optimization process is possible by including several precompiled binary files, which must be installed from your local WordPress folder. EWWW Image Optimizer also offers an optimization function in the cloud, which although it takes a little longer, allows you to skip this configuration process.

Another good feature of this plugin is the ability to convert your images to the file format that produces the smallest image size. You can also optionally apply loss reductions for PNG images.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel not only has good scores in terms of compression but also includes a nice interface, which never hurts. After installing and activating the plugin, every JPG, PNG, and GIF that you upload will be automatically optimized. This plugin, unlike the previous ones, does not allow you to disable this option.


It includes a massive optimization tool. Individual images can be compressed by opening your Media Library in the list view format. Here each file will appear with an individual “Optimize Now” button next to it.

ShortPixel allows you to choose between lossless and lossless compression methods, using the first by default. Optimize all thumbnails of images created by WordPress during the loading process, is able to delete EXIF data (or keep them, as you prefer), you can set a maximum resolution for your images and, best of all, automatically save a copy of each image that you upload in a new folder.

To configure the ShortPixel plugin, you will be asked to enter an API key during the activation process, which is provided free of charge when you register with your email to your subscription list and does not require any additional information. A free registration entitles you to 100 compressions of images per month.

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In the world of web, the speed of your site matters a lot. And images play a vital role in loading your website. So you must be aware of the image you are using on your site. Image optimization is not the much tough task. You can just install few plugins and do it automatically for you or you can manually optimize them manually with the help of above-given plugins. You can also find various other plugins in the WordPress repository.

Have you tried any other Plugins for image optimization? Tell us in the comments below.